6/8 green custom kamisori

This kamisori is a symmetrical grind, 6/8 width, O1 steel at 61HRC hardness. The wrapping is green cord impregnated with CA glue, so the whole handle is rust and waterproof. Finished shave-testing this baby yesterday, muted the point and the heel, really nice shave. I hope you will like it!


9/8 Sheffield Giant custom razor

Hi everyone!

I finished this razor recently for a fellow member at Badger&Blade, I hope he will like the outcome! 🙂

The basic idea was to make a razor similar to a W&B for barbers use, while not copying it. I really like how it turned out, but it was really hard to take good photos of it, the whole blade is mirror finished, and it just reflected everything every time.

9/8 O1 blade at 60HRC hardness, blond horn scales, black horn wedge, the costumers initials are engraved on the tang:


Homepage up and running!

Welcome everyone!

Finally my simple homepage and blog rolled in one is ready! I will publish new razors, tutorials, and videos here for those who are interested. This site will be in continuous developement, and I will add information as I will have the time to.

The “About me” part is ready for reading, and all of my custom razors can be found in the Straight razor gallery.

Thanks for watching! 🙂