7/8 Dragon slayer in carbon fiber

Hi everyone! This razor is already where its steel came from, in Sweden by its owner. It is really fun to make different variations of this “Dragon Slayer” model, they can look so much different with a few changes, and still stay the “same” razor. This one is mirror polished, scales are made from carbon fiber laminate, and the wedge is red/black reconstituted stone, an extra request were the double pins at the wedge end of the scales. I hope you like her too, thanks for watching! 🙂

7/8 Carbon Dragon Slayer


8/8 Fairy tail custom straight razor

This razor was a new project, the blade steel is a swedish semi-stainless at 60HRC hardness. The blade definitely holds up much better to rust and patina than the regular carbon steels, and has a comparable fine grainstructure, and thus holds a very fine shaving edge. I will make some more razors from this steel, but it looks as a promising alternative between stainless and carbon steel.

Scales are made from red abalone shell, glued to black acrylic, wedge is red/black reconstituted stone. I hope you like her! 🙂


7/8 Damascus custom kamisori rayskin handle

Hi everyone!

Here is my latest razor made from O1/15N20 216 layer damascus at 61HRC, and rayskin handle. The handle took much more time to make this nice than I thought, I hope next time I will be faster with it. I want to get some white rayskin and black cord for the sewing, with a gun blued blade… It should look really badass as I imagine

But let the pics speak, I hope you will like them. I will send this baby with some tears in my eyes to his new home in the US.


8/8 Damascus custom straight razor with camel bone inlay

Hi Everyone!

This is a project which is going on since may, and now at last it is finished 🙂 This was my most difficult razor to make yet, a lot of the finer details made my head ache in the process. But here is the finished product, I hope you will like it! The design was made by the buyer, and I modified it a bit to the best of my knowledge to make it not just nice, but as functional as a razor can be. So, on to the details:

The blade was forged from O1/15N20 damascus with a layer count of 216, the scales are made from macassar ebony, wedge and tang inlay are made from camel bone.


Three new custom razors

Hi everyone! I know I have been silent since a while, so here are some new razors to look at!

All of them are made of O1 steel, 60 HRC hardness. Mirror polish on the tang, shiny satin hollow, 1/4 ground:

This is a 7/8 mini razor made for a fellow forum member, 50mm cutting edge, olivewood scales with a matching wedge, CA finished to a high gloss.

7/8 in width, palisander wood lined with white vulcanic fiber, with bloodwood wedge, CA finished to a high gloss

7/8 spanish pont custom razor with a long tail. Scales are made from amaranth, wedge is african blackwood, CA finished to a high gloss.


8/8 Carbon long tail

This is the last razor of my current batch, I will start to make the next batch two weeks from now. Sadly I don’t have too much time recently, so I will stop taking orders from the 5th of august for a minimum of 5-6 months.

This is the only way to keep my order-to-finish time in a reasonable interval. Also, in the next months my workshop will undergo serious changes, almost all of my equipment will be upgraded, and a lot of new scale materials and steels will be available. My homepage will get a bit of update too, if everything goes well. All of this won’t come for free, so my prices will get updated too from 2014, so that I won’t have to drop down in quality, and can make even nicer razors than now! 🙂

After I finish the current batch of orders, and will be ready with my workshop, than I am planning to make a batch of 10 razors which will be all new models/ideas. Those razors will be all high-end stuff, japanese laminated steel, damascus, sanmai, exotic steels and scale materials, etc. Only after these are complete will I be able to take custom orders again.

This razor is from O1 steel at 60HRC, full mirror on the tang and tail, satin hollow. The scales are carbon fiber laminate, wedge is recon stone, and the pivot is the hex screw seen on Hart razors. I hope you will like it! 🙂


15/16 Dragon Slayer amboyna

Here is my latest work, which was made for a member at SRP. There is a little story behind this razor, because Bob already had two of my razors, when he ordered a third one. We discussed the details, and I started to work on it, and then I put up pics of my first dragon slayer model razor. He fell in love with that razor right away, so he said: Could we change the order for one like that instead? Well, I couldn’t say no, because Bob is a good guy, and my heart is made out of butter (and because this is my favourite razor by far 🙂 ), so I said sure.

I had free choice over the scales, so I decided on amboyna burl with african blackwood lining, and a black horn wedge. The blade is O1 at 60HRC, the black parts are etched for contrast and rust protection.

Here are the pics, I hope you will like them!


7/8 Classic in streaked ebony

One more “classic” style razor made for a local member. Nothing fancy now, not even jimping, just a nice clean blade, with some streaked ebony. The wedge is bloodwood, pins are double SS washers with silver-nickel rod, steel is O1 at 60 HRC.

I hope you like her, thanks for watching! 🙂


7/8 French point in red abalone

Again, a new razor for a fellow forum member. Scales are red abalone laminate, glued on top of black acrylic, CA finished. Wedge is red recon stone, pins are double SS washers and nickel-silver pins. Blade is 7/8″ wide, quarter hollow O1 at 60HRC, polished tang, satin hollow. Honed on Naniwas and a Shobudani asagi, shave was crazy sharp and smooth.

Let me know what do you think, I hope you like it!