Pause in razor making

Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe it myself, but I have been making straight razors since 2010, so almost 6 years now. It has been a great hobby for me this whole time, but it looks like I will have to make a small rest for at least half-one year. I was fortunate enough to find a really good job, and we will have to move places in June. Because of this I won’t have my workshop, and now it seems that it will take some time to find a place where I can continue making razors. After a few months I will start “rehabilitating” myself, and make some folding knives and small things made from wood, those I can make with a minimum of hand tools and almost no machines.

So, the short version, no orders and no razors for sale this year, thats for sure. We will see how much luck I will have, I will do everything to get a small workshop going as soon as I can. Till than, this is the last razor I put up for sale.


7/8 “Purple wave” razor

Here is a razor which was designed in collaboration with the future owner. Wasn’t really the easiest so far, had a few headaches with the end of those scales and the CA finish 🙂

Hope you will like them, here are the pics:

7/8 Damascus orange rayskin kamisori

I am not really into american football, but this razor was made for a die hard Broncos fan (if I understood everything well ), thats why I had to make it orange-blue in color. As you can guess, buying rayskin thats dyed a nice orange color already was nearly impossible, so I had to improvise. After a lot of tries and coloring methods we found one we both liked, and used dark blue cord for stitching it to the damascus. Of course it is glued to the steel too, the stitching is mostly cosmetic, and is CA impregnated as is the rayskin, otherwise water would seep into it, making the steel rust underneath with time.

Here is the outcome of this project, hope you will like it! The steel is a 600 layer O1+15N20 damascus at around 60-61HRC hardness, symmetrically ground. Thanks for watching!

First razor of the year!

Here is the first razor of the year, a 8/8″ Fairy tail with amaranth wood. Not too many things I can say here, other than that the scale shape isn’t the usual one. Thanks for watching! 🙂

Here are the pics:

8/8 Gentlemans long tail razor, desert ironwood burl

Well, I am really behind with pictures, so I will post a few razors in the next days/weeks which I made earlier. Here is a razor made for a real gentleman, the details were changed from the original Carbon Long tail version to match his style, simple, and elegant. 8/8 blade, mirror polish everywhere, some very moderate spinework, and desert ironwood burl laminated with african blackwood for the scales.

I hope you will like the pictures! 🙂

8/8 Gentleman Long Tail

7/8 Snakewood Dragon Slayer straight razor

Hi Everyone!

I haven’t been posting for some time, but it looks like I will have some more time in the future, and I will be able to put up more pics of my work, and maybe some tutorials too! Here is my latest work, old design, new wood (snakewood) 🙂

7/8 Dragon slayer in carbon fiber

Hi everyone! This razor is already where its steel came from, in Sweden by its owner. It is really fun to make different variations of this “Dragon Slayer” model, they can look so much different with a few changes, and still stay the “same” razor. This one is mirror polished, scales are made from carbon fiber laminate, and the wedge is red/black reconstituted stone, an extra request were the double pins at the wedge end of the scales. I hope you like her too, thanks for watching! 🙂

7/8 Carbon Dragon Slayer

8/8 Fairy tail custom straight razor

This razor was a new project, the blade steel is a swedish semi-stainless at 60HRC hardness. The blade definitely holds up much better to rust and patina than the regular carbon steels, and has a comparable fine grainstructure, and thus holds a very fine shaving edge. I will make some more razors from this steel, but it looks as a promising alternative between stainless and carbon steel.

Scales are made from red abalone shell, glued to black acrylic, wedge is red/black reconstituted stone. I hope you like her! 🙂