About me

I will have to update this about me part, because a lot of time has passed since I started this little hobby of mine! ๐Ÿ™‚ Till than I leave the original post here, updates coming soon!

Hi everyone!

My name is Sรกndor Jenes, and I live in Hungary, Debrecen. I am 23 years old, and currently I am a 5th year medical student at Debrecen Medical University.
The majority of people I talk about my obsession stop here, and give me a weird look, usually asking me: What? A medical student making razors? Why? ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, I want to tell you why, because I think it is an interesting journey. So, here it is:

The whole story began about three years ago, when some friends asked me if I know someone who could sharpen some knives for them. I am a Do-it-yourself type of person, so my idea was that I could sharpen them myself, after some googling and reading some tutorials, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I bought some cheap stones, started sharpening those knives, and this was the first step into the fray. The sharpening process was very zen-like and calming, so I quickly became obsessed with it. I always sharpened some knives when I was fed up with multiple hours of studying, and tried to get better and better at it. My family and friends enjoyed using sharp knives, I was enjoying sharpening them, so this was a win-win situation. I frequented some knife-forums too, to get some information about sharpening, and I got a lot of help there.

A few months passed after this, and seeing a lot of people making knives with little to no experience and equipment, I had the idea that I could make a japanese style kitchen knife for my girlfriend as a christmas gift. This was the first time I made something out of steel, and the knife came out OK, my girlfriend liked it a lot, so I was very happy. Somehow knifemaking didn’t catch my attention despite of this, so sharpening continued to be my No.1 hobby.

 photo First-gyuto-1024x768_zps5ff115d1.jpg
 photo img1100h_zpsd5bcd197.jpg

This started to change in 2009, when I saw a straight razor at a flea market. I used to go to a lot of flea markets after my sharpening hobby began, because I was looking for good and cheap sharpening stones continiously. They weren’t readily available locally, and expensive japanese waterstones were way out of my reach as a student at that time. The guy selling the razor wanted about 5$ for it, and I thought why not, it has a built in angle for sharpening, maybe it will help me improve my sharpening skills. I thought that at the time, I didn’t really want to try shaving with it, I just wanted to know how sharp a straight razor can get. Everyone says about every knife he sharpened that its “razor sharp”, I wanted to know what razor sharp really means. I figured that the paper cutting test isn’t enough to judge how sharp a razor is, so I started to read about shaving with a straight, and now the real story begins! ๐Ÿ™‚

After the first shave, I was surprised how much more comfortable and enjoyable the shave was with normal lather and a straight razor. And after this I started to buy every straight razor in sight, Solingen, Sheffield, Russian, American, doesn’t matter. Not only razors, but every piece of rock that looked like a natural razor hone, razor strops, brushes, everything razor related.

After a few weeks, I had a lot of razors which had rust on them, pins were loose etc., so I started to restore and rescale them. The initial cost of all the stuff I had to buy was pretty high, so I decided that I should sell some of them after restoration. This way I could finance my hobby, and other people who suffered the same disease as I were happy too, because they got nice razors for good prices. This tendency didn’t stop until just recently, I bought beat-up razors, restored and rescaled them, and sold those which I didn’t like.

The next station of my journey started because I wanted to try shaving with japanese razors. I wanted to try one badly, but even ugly and beat up ones were going about 100$ on Ebay at that time, so I thought: Why not make one? I had steel, I had a bench grinder, and I had already all the stuff to polish up and sharpen a razor, so after a few months of work and a lot of help, my first razor ever was born, a 6/8 kamisori:

 photo img1102sj_zps2e1882c0.jpg

This one started my zeal, I enjoyed making it so much that I started to make my own equipment, belt grinder, new buffer, everything. Some of them aren’t finished even today, but they are under way ๐Ÿ™‚ After my grinder was ready, my secund razor was born, my first western razor ever, a 7/8 french point in zebrawood:

 photo back.jpg

The responses to these razors were so good, that they gave me the courage to buy steel, belts, and start making more razors.

And we have arrived to the present. I started making more and more razors, and thought that I should make a homepage to show my work to those sharing this noble hobby. I will be uploading photos of my work, tutorials, and everything razor related which can help new and experienced people alike.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little story, and will find something interesting to you here!