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Back in business

Jenes Razor’s great comeback! After 2 years of silence I can finally restart making straight razors (and much more in the near future!), the first ones will be ready in March.

As you can see my homepage is brand new, please let me know if something doesn’t work like it should. I had to refresh my almost nonexistent WordPress skills, but after a few weeks it is finally ready, and I have added a Shop section too for more convenience. The about me section at the end of the main page has been updated, please read it if you are interested in my short little story of straight razor madness.

Thanks for your interest, thats all! 🙂


Pause in razor making

Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe it myself, but I have been making straight razors since 2010, so almost 6 years now. It has been a great hobby for me this whole time, but it looks like I will have to make a small rest for at least half-one year. I was fortunate enough to find a really good job, and we will have to move places in June. Because of this I won’t have my workshop, and now it seems that it will take some time to find a place where I can continue making razors. After a few months I will start “rehabilitating” myself, and make some folding knives and small things made from wood, those I can make with a minimum of hand tools and almost no machines.

So, the short version, no orders and no razors for sale this year, thats for sure. We will see how much luck I will have, I will do everything to get a small workshop going as soon as I can. Till than, this is the last razor I put up for sale.



7/8 Damascus orange rayskin kamisori

I am not really into american football, but this razor was made for a die hard Broncos fan (if I understood everything well ), thats why I had to make it orange-blue in color. As you can guess, buying rayskin thats dyed a nice orange color already was nearly impossible, so I had to improvise. After a lot of tries and coloring methods we found one we both liked, and used dark blue cord for stitching it to the damascus. Of course it is glued to the steel too, the stitching is mostly cosmetic, and is CA impregnated as is the rayskin, otherwise water would seep into it, making the steel rust underneath with time.

Here is the outcome of this project, hope you will like it! The steel is a 600 layer O1+15N20 damascus at around 60-61HRC hardness, symmetrically ground. Thanks for watching!


8/8 Gentlemans long tail razor, desert ironwood burl

Well, I am really behind with pictures, so I will post a few razors in the next days/weeks which I made earlier. Here is a razor made for a real gentleman, the details were changed from the original Carbon Long tail version to match his style, simple, and elegant. 8/8 blade, mirror polish everywhere, some very moderate spinework, and desert ironwood burl laminated with african blackwood for the scales.

I hope you will like the pictures! 🙂

8/8 Gentleman Long Tail