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About me

My name is Dr. Sandor Jenes, I live in Debrecen, Hungary, where I studied as a physician. After getting my diploma I worked as a psychiatrist in Switzerland. Currently I am a happy full time straight razor/knifemaker.

My mission is to create functional art of the highest standards and qualities, which can withstand the test of time, and become an heirloom jewel.

Why does a physician make razors?
Straight razors and knives came into my life in 2009, at that time it was a hobby for relaxing and killing time during my studies at the University. Mostly I just sharpened them for myself and my family, but soon I began to restore and sell them, and offer my services for others interested in wetshaving. After some time my hobby became my passion, and I started making custom razors on a regular basis. At that time I was still a medical student, and thought that this will stay only as a hobby. After moving to Switzerland I had to stop making razors, mainly because I didn’t have a workshop and had to be at my workplace. Maybe because of my mainly intellectual work, I soon realized that I enjoy creative work the most. I could barely stand not being able to create new things, be it a standing lamp, belt grinder, bookshelf, or a straight razor. I enjoy making things when I use my two hands in the process. Soon I realised that I couldn’t live without razor/knifemaking, and decided to move back to Hungary. One can never know how long it will stay like this, but I have decided to be a full-time artisan as long as I can make ends meet, and satisfy my true calling (and my wife 🙂 ).

About me

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